The Street Car Robbers

The story below appeared on the front page of the April 10, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News:


Four Men Who “Held Up” Halsted Street Vehicle Are in Court.

The four men, James Moyles alias James Moran, William Thompson alias William Sullivan, Tom Lanagan alias John Butcher, and William McGann alias McGoran, who “held up” a street car at Division and Halsted streets last Friday morning, were arraigned before Justice Kersten this morning, but they took a change of venue to Justice Hamburgher and got a continuance to April 19. Bail was fixed at $1500 for each man and this they furnished. The police say Moyles is well known to them. Thompson, another of the quartet, is said to be the man who broke jail from the Rawson street police station two months ago.

Fully twenty-five rough-looking men crowded around the dock, when the prisoners were arraigned in the police station. The police recognized some of them as belonging to a gang of which the prisoners are said to be members and word was passed among the officers to keep a sharp watch for any attempt to assist the prisoners to escape.”

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