Shot Down by a Priest

From page 12 of the April 25, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News; 

“SHOT DOWN BY A PRIEST. Mary Gilmartin Is Murdered in Cincinnati by Father O’Grady.

Cincinnati, O., April 25.-Mary Gilmartin, a clerk employed by the Pulvermacher Belt company on Sycamore street, was shot and killed to-day while on her way to work. The murderer gave the name of George Reed but letters found on him prove him to be Father Dominick Grady, a catholic priest who came from Ireland three months ago. Miss Gilmartin is from Sligo County, Ireland.

One of her brothers is Father M.S. Gilmartin of Chicago. Miss Gilmartin met O’Grady in Ireland, where his attentions caused gossip. Last September she came to America and has been in this city since January. The girl had got on a street car to go to her work but in some mysterious manner got off again and was shot almost before her door.

O’Grady took arsenic but it did not kill him. He confessed the murder. Among his letters was one written by Miss Gilmartin to the archbishop in Ireland exculpating O’Grady from any wrong doing with her.”

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