Says He Shot in Self-Defense


Put Under Bonds for Shooting at a Gateman.

Charles Nordrum, the ex-detective, was this morning held to the Criminal Court in $300 bonds by Justice Scully, before whom he was arraigned on a charge of assault with intent to kill.

John S. Murry, a gateman, employed on the Lake Street Elevated railroad, appeared to prosecute. He stated that on the morning of April 1, Nordrum came into the west 44th street station of the “L” road and commenced to quarrel with two advertising agents. Murry interfered in their behalf, whereupon Nordrum turned upon him and wanted to throw him down. Murry is a slight young man, but he succeeded in throwing Nordrum to the floor. While they were struggling together, he says, Nordrum drew his revolver and shot him in the left knee.

Nordrum’s story of the shooting was that he shot in self-defense. He said that when he went into the station he was at once set upon by Murry and three other men. One of them, he said, struck him on the head with an iron hook, which felled him to the floor. They then, he said, began to kick and beat him about the head and body.”

The article above appeared on the front page of the Chicago Daily News May 5, 1894.

Do any of your family stories include Charles Nordrum, Justice Scully or John S. Murry? I hope you’ll share your connections with my readers and me!

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