Hyde Park Policeman Never Sleep


Harry Vance Used Each Arm to Fool Worthy Hyde Parkites.

When the clerk in Justice Robbins’ court at the Hyde Park police station called the name of Harry Vance this morning a very dilapidated-appearing individual responded.

Then a big policeman stepped up, and, on being sworn, proceeded to relate how Harry had induced the sympathetic public to part with some cold victuals and a few pennies by a very clever ruse.

The officer had noticed him going from door to door, he said, begging for food and money. His arm hung limp at his side, suspended in a sling, and the utter wretchedness of his appearance softened even the heart of the big copper. But that did not close the eagle eyes of the wearer of the blue. No, indeed. Hyde Park policeman never sleep, much less close their eyes when on duty, and when Harry Vance slyly slipped the sling to his right arm when his left became tired, the office realized the gigantic fraud which was being perpetrated on a generous public and seized the mendicant by the neck.

This morning Vance has little to say and he was sent out to the bridewell to work out a fine of $25 as a punishment for his offense.”

The article above appeared on the front page of the May 5, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News.

Do any of your family stories include Harry Vance or Justice Robbins? I hope you’ll share your connections with my readers and me!

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