Posted by: Laura Aanenson | May 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Murder

“Police Know of No Such Murder.

Inspector Shea received a telegram this morning from the authorities at Salt Lake City, Utah, saying that a colored man giving his name as Cooksey is detained there at the order of the Chicago police.

They arrested him with the understanding that he was wanted here for murdering Charles Wilison in Fenton Marshe’s saloon Thanksgiving day. No record of such a case can be found either in the police department or coroner’s office and an order to release the prisoner will probably be sent to Salt Lake City.”

The article above appeared on the front page of the May 5, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News.

Does your family history include Inspector Shea, Mr. Cooksey, Charles Wilison or Fenton Marshe? If so, I hope you’ll share your connections with my readers and me!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog because I have relatives that lived in Chicago many years ago and I grew up just south of there in LaSalle County.


    • Thank you Diann – so glad to hear you are enjoying the posts! I enjoy reading the old Chicago newspapers too.


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