Gold and Silver Counted

“Big Job of Counting Ahead of Them.

Delos P. Phelps, the new sub-treasurer, will enter upon the duties of his office on Monday. The formal transfer of the sub-treasury from the custody of John R. Tanner to Mr. Phelps will be made Monday morning. Mr. Phelps and Mr. Tanner had a long conference to-day, in which many details relating to the change were settled.

Five experts from Washington, who arrived to-day, will begin Monday morning to count the cash in the sub-treasury. It will take them two weeks to get through. The silver will be weighed in packages and each piece of gold will be counted and weighed. There is about $17,000,000 in the vaults.”

The article above appeared on the front page of the May 5, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News.

Does your family history include Delos P. Phelps or John R. Tanner? If so, I hope you’ll share your connections with my readers and me!

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