Two Berwynites Killed

Chicago was a dangerous place to work. This article appeared on the front page of the May 30, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;


Their Identity Not Fully Established – Struck by a Freight Train.

At 6:30 this morning two men, supposed to be carpenters from Berwyn, were struck by a freight train at the junction of the Air line and the Chicago & Eastern Illinois, near Clark and 16th streets. One was instantly killed and the other died while being removed to St. Luke’s hospital.

On both were found tickets from Berwyn to Chicago and in the pocket of the one instantly killed was a city railway pass bearing the name C.N. Young.

The men were about five feet nine inches in height. One had a black and the other a sandy mustache, and both were fairly well dressed. From papers found in their pockets it was supposed they were carpenters.

It was presumed the men got off a Berwyn suburban train at Canal and 16th streets and were going to some place on the south side. They were walking east on the Air line and as they attempted to cross the Chicago & Eastern Illinois track, were struck by a freight train backing up from the south. The trainmen did not see the accident and the train ran some distance before it was discovered.

The body of Young was taken to Sigmund’s morgue and that of the unknown man was removed to Rolston’s.”

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