Calling All Genealogists

Genealogy Calling Card

Genealogy Calling Card

A couple weeks ago I attended a great genealogy gathering. We went around the room introducing ourselves, sharing the surnames we were researching and talking about the places in which our ancestors had lived.

It took the better part of an hour to get through a couple dozen people. But not in the long-drawn out way you might think. This group was adept at keeping their stories brief yet interesting. Lots of connections were made that day. Definitely a group of people I hope to see again.

One thing I noticed though. As folks knew their turn was coming up, they were jotting notes, presumably the names of people and places they’d be sharing. I was a little embarrassed by the blank I was drawing. The only surnames I could remember off the top of my head were geographically inappropriate. What’s a genealogist to do?

Hello Vista Print! I chose a fun design from the many stock items they carry and laid out the text I wanted to include. I went with folding cards (blank inside) since the name and a reminder note so often get separated at genealogy events. And I was able to list a good many of my direct line ancestors’ surnames. Now I’m more prepared for the next event and I was pretty pleased with the results; what do you think?

Do you have a genealogy calling card? What information is printed on yours? When has your card been especially useful?


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