Murder Trial To-Day

Smoking causes loss of memory and murder? Really?


Arguments Begun in the Murder Trial To-Day.

The closing arguments were begun in the Kurtz murder case before a jury in Judge Smith’s court this morning.

Frank A. Kurtz, who is charged with killing a woman who was supposed to be his wife, was cross-examined this morning. He said he did not remember anything about what occurred on the Kinzie street bridge, where he is known to have shot the woman. Presumably to give the color of truth to Kurtz’ statement, his attorneys put witnesses on the stand to show that the defendant was an inveterate cigarette smoker.

Assistant State’s Attorney Knight closed his opening argument at noon to-day.”

The article above appeared on page 8 of the June 15, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News.

4 thoughts on “Murder Trial To-Day

  1. How come you never put in the name Ella Moran which ,if memory serves, was in the original story? The reason for my question, my g/g grandmother wife of A.G. was also named Ella possibly died 1889 (still open for debate).

    Thank you

    God Bless America !


    • Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for sharing your question. Today’s post is an exact transcription of the article that appeared in the Chicago Daily News on June 15, 1894. Is it possible there was an article in the newspaper when the crime was first committed?


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