News Outside Chicago

Not all the news reported in the Chicago Daily News occurred in the city limits. These out-of-town articles were printed on the front page of the June 15, 1894 issue;

Arrest of an Impudent Forger.

Abercrombie, N.D., June 15-Andrew Hagen, a stranger, after securing three horses from Hans Galchutt on forged collaterals, went to Forman, N.D., whence he eloped with the daughter of State Senator Johnson. The pair were traced by the sheriff to a small town near Minot, N.D. The enraged father tried to shoot Hagen but was prevented by the sheriff, who took both into custody.”

Are Andrew Hagen, Hans Galchutt or the Johnsons in your family tree? What a story!

To Exhume Mrs. Dwellinger’s Remains.

Danville, Ill., June 15.-The authorities of Warren county, Indiana, have decided to exhume the body of Mrs. Sophia Dwellinger, who, it is thought, died from drinking poison coffee. Her husband does not approve of the action and he went with a shotgun to the graveyard and threatens to shoot any one who attempts to open the grave.”

Is Mr. Dwellinger upset because he doesn’t want his late wife disturbed, or was he the one who poured the coffee?

Pittsburg (Pa.) People Commit Suicide.

Pittsburg, Pa., June 15.- Since last night two men and one woman have killed themselves here. Last night Mrs. Mary Keims, aged 46 years, growing despondent over the absence of her husband in Germany, swallowed Paris green and died a few hours later.

Passengers on the early trains on the Castle Shannon railroad were horrified to see the body of John Warmblood, aged 70 years, hanging from a tree in Maple Grove. He was well-to-do, and no cause is assigned for the deed.

About 10 o’clock a carpenter named Tate, living on Sidney street, south side, cut his throat with a razor and died in a short time.”

It’s shocking how many suicides were in the news during this time period.

Farmer McKinty Loses $1,500.

Galesburg, Ill., June 15-John McKinty, a wealthy farmer of Elba township, Knox county, informs the officers that he has been swindled out of $1,500 by two confidence sharks. One of them called on him and wanted to buy a farm. On their way into town they fell in with his partner. The two induced the granger to play three-card monte.”

Sharks? Sounds fishy to me.


9 thoughts on “News Outside Chicago

    • I agree – creepy indeed!

      Paris Green was a mystery to me too. It was an insecticide and rodenticide according to Wikipedia, “Paris Green was once used to kill rats in Parisian sewers, hence the common name.” Ga-ross.


  1. I have an ancestor, Achseh or Achsah (LINDSEY) Lasell who died near Chicago, Illinois 27 September 1847. I have been unsuccessful in finding an obit on google or

    Her husband was Marcus Lasell and they were both born and were original from New York. I don’t have much information on Achseh, however, I believe her to be the daughter of my 4th Great Grandfather, Archibald LINDSEY of Attica, Wyoming County, New York. It is also believed that my third Great Grandfather Edwin G LINDSEY had a daughter named . . . that’s right, Achseh so it is also possible that she could be his daughter. I do not have a lot of information on her and I’m hoping that an obit (hopefully more than a sentence long, will provide additional information to go on.)

    I am not familiar with Illinois or its newspapers, do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you, Tracy


    • Hi Tracy, thanks for following my blog! When you say “near Chicago”, I’m intrigued. Where exactly? The town in which she died may make a difference in your search for an obituary. Cook County records are wonderful – have you located a death certificate for Achseh yet? There are a number of extant newspapers that may be helpful.


      • Laura, that’s the problem, I wish I knew. I have found two ‘paragraphs’ online . . . one from, “Brewster Genealogy 1566 – 1907” and the other from, “New England Historical and Genealogical Register.” The “Brewster Genealogy” cites the date of death as 27 September 1847 near Chicago, Illinois. And, the Genealogical Register cites the date of death as 26 September 1846 near Chicago, Illinois.

        That’s it just near Chicago, Illinois. I have not located a death certificate, I’m not sure where to look; I would assume that it would have been generated and filled out at the location of death . . . near Chicago, Ill. But, would it have been filed there and in her hometown of Lebanon, New York? Hmm, I’ll have to check if I can find something, maybe an obit and/or death cert. in Lebanon, New York.

        Achseh is a collateral line, but gaining more information on her will, it is my hope, help break through the wall to my direct line.


      • Now I’m really intrigued! If we assume “near Chicago” means Cook County, there could be a mention in a local-to-Chicago newspaper. I would explore Chronicling America and see if there isn’t an extant paper that ran an obituary in Illinois and/or in New York. Good luck in your search!


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