Daniel Corkery is Dead

From the front page of the Chicago Daily News, June 25, 1894:


Well-Known Democratic Politician Passes Away at His Residence During the Morning.


His Death Follows an Operation-Much Regret in City Hall Circles-His Career.

Daniel J. Corkery, the well-known coal dealer and democratic politician, died at his residence this morning as a result of an operation performed to relieve appendicitis.

The announcement of Mr. Corkery’s death was received at the city hall shortly before noon and caused widespread regret among the politicians and officials.

The popularity of Mr. Corkery and the esteem in which he was held in democratic and municipal circles were manifested by the many expressions of sorrow over his unexpected demise. The mayor immediately left his office and started for the residence of the deceased, as did City Treasurer Bransfield, City Sealer Burke, Probate Clerk Roger Sullivan, Gas Inspector Donovan and several other city officials.

Mr. Corkery followed the coal business from the time he began life as a laboring boy until he reached the position which he has held for several years recently, that of one of the wealthiest coal merchants of the city. Mr. Corkery’s estate is reputed to be worth anywhere from a quarter to half a million dollars.

Always an ardent democrat, Mr. Corkery first became prominent in politics by being appointed a member of the first board of election commissioners constituted under the amended election law.

The only other position of prominence held by Mr. Corkery was that of member of the city board of education. The deceased was always very active in Irish affairs and he was a member of several social and political clubs, including the Sheridan, Columbus, Iroquois and County Democracy clubs.”

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