Wilson Pounded Severely

Railroad Flagman

From the front page of the Chicago Daily News, June 30, 1894:


Men Jump Off a Switch-Engine and Pound Him Severely.

The regular flagman whose station is at the Clinton street crossing of the Pennsylvania passenger tracks stopped work yesterday to go to a funeral.

Station Master Glenn of the Union depot sent John Wilson, who is regularly in the employ of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, to take his place for the day. The regular man did not return to his post this morning, so Wilson was stationed there again.

A ten o’clock a light switch engine came out from the depot. On the rear of the tender were six or eight boys and men, who dropped off at Clinton street and at once attacked Wilson.

The leader of the crowd grabbed a light cane which Wilson held in his hand and began beating Wilson over the head with it.

Luckily the iron ball on the head of the stick came off and before the fellow had hurt him seriously Wilson drew a revolver and threatened to shoot if the crowd did not at once disperse.

The pistol cowed them and Wilson was not again molested.

There was no officer at the crossing, but when one came a quarter of an hour later he said the crowd was made up of ruffians and “vags” who hung around looking for trouble. But Wilson swears they were striking switchmen of the Pennsylvania lines.”

The image above appeared on “The Iron Road” page of the Nebraska GenWeb site. Their railroad job descriptions are well-written and very informative! Click here to visit the page.

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