1894 Obituaries: September 20

Chicago Daily News September 20, 1894

Chicago Daily News
September 20, 1894

The following item appeared on page 1 of the September 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;

“Dropped Dead in a Saloon.

John Jones, a cook in the employ of Hayes Bros., contractors on the drainage canal, dropped dead suddenly last evening in Patrick McMann’s saloon, 1255 Blue Island avenue. Heart disease is supposed to have been the cause of death.”

The following obituaries appeared on page 2 of the September 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;

“HALL-At his residence, 86 Evanston-av., ZEBULON M. HALL. Funeral from late residence Sept. 21 at 2 o’clock.”

“M’HALE-ANNIE, beloved wife of Thomas McHale and mother of John J. and Thomas M. McHale. Funeral Saturday at 10 a.m. from late residence, 91 E. Erie-st., to Church of the Holy Name, thence by carriages to Calvary.”

The following obituaries appeared on page 8 of the September 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News;

“ALBERT-Thursday, Sept. 20, 1894, at residence, 1235 Lexington-av, HERMAN OTTO ALBERT, aged 32. Funeral notice later.”

“CLASBEY-Sept. 18, 1894, JOHN CLASBEY, 40 years of age, brother of Mrs. Mary Ward; born in County Galway, Ireland. Funeral from 44 Augusta-st., by carriages to Columbkill’s church and thence from N.W. depot by cars to Calvary.”

“COY-Sept. 19, LILLIAN IRMA, daughter of W. F. and Mary E. Coy (nee McMahon), aged 13 months. Funeral Friday, from 725 Wells-st.”

“FOLEY-Sept. 18, 1894, JOHN FOLEY, aged 49. Funeral from his late residence, 2853 Butler-st., Sept. 21, 9 a.m., to All-Saints’ church, thence by carriages to Mount Olivet. Geo. H. Thomas Post G. A. R. invited to attend.”

“GALL-Our darling WALTER GALL, aged 2 years and 13 days. Funeral Friday afternoon, 2 o’clock, from parents’ residence, 964 Catalpa-st., to Graceland.”

“GRIESBACH-CAROLINE, daughter of Carolina and the late George Griesbach, Sept. 19. Funeral will take place Sunday, Sept. 23, at 1:30 from her late residence, 311 [?] Mohawk-st., to Wunder’s cemetery.”

“HANRAKIN-At her sister, Bridget Flynn’s residence, 3355 Union-av., Sept. 19, 1894, CATHERINE, beloved sister of James and Garrett Hanrakin, aged 65 years. Funeral Friday at 8 a.m. to the Church of Nativity, where high mass will be celebrated, thence by cars to [illegible] by C., M. & St. P. R’y.”

“KAUTZ-Sept. 17, 1894, FREDERICK, beloved husband of Mrs. Fred Kautz and father of Fred, Dorothea, William and Minnie Kautz.”

“KONZEN-Sept. 19, 1894, CHRISTOPHER, dearly beloved husband of Mrs. Mary Konzen (nee Weinand) and father of John and Jennie Konzen and Mrs. Anna Caspers, aged 62 years 1 month and 4 days. Funeral Saturday, Sept. 22, at 9:30 a.m., from his late residence, 209 Forquer-st., to St. Francis church, where requiem high will be celebrated, thence by carriages to St. Boniface cemetery.”

“KLECK-Sept. 18, JULIUS G., aged 62 years and 2 months, at his residence, 32 Kendall-st. Funeral Friday, Sept. 21, at 1 o’clock, by carriages to Forest Home.”

“LYNCH-Sept. 19, 1894, 554 44th-st., MICHAEL, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch (nee Relihan)[?], aged 9 months. Funeral Friday at 11 a.m., to 49th and Halsted-st. depot, thence to Mount Olivet.”

“MARONEY-Mrs. CATHERINE, mother of Michael Maroney, 138 Owaseo-st., formerly of Milwaukee, aged 90 years. Milwaukee (Wis.) papers please copy.”

“M’ELROY-Sept. 19, 1894, MARY AGNES ANNIE, aged 11 months, daughter of Thomas and Annie McElroy (nee Bealiger)[?], funeral from parents’ residence,

“M’LAUGHLIN-Sept. 20, 1894, JOHN W., beloved son of William J. and Minnie McLaughlin (nee Hogan), aged 21 months and 25 days. Funeral Sunday, 1 o’clock, from 600 W. Indiana-st., by carriages to Calvary.”

“MEISTERLING-Sept. 19, 1894, WALTER, beloved son of Henry and Hulda Meisterling (nee Burrows), aged 2 years and 21 days. Funeral at Waldheim Friday, at 1 p.m., from parents’ residence, 357 W. Huron-st.”

“MEYER-Sept. 19, 1894, MARY, widow of Moritz Meyer. Funeral Friday at 10 a.m., from her late residence, 3816 Aldine-pl.”

“MURPHY-MICHAEL, beloved brother of Jerry Murphy, native of Wexford, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence, 434 S. Halsted-st., Friday, Sept. 21, 1894, 10 a.m., thence via C., M. & St. P. to Calvary.”

“OOSTERLING-At 6851 S. Halsted-st., Sept. 19, 1894, PETER, beloved husband of Adrianna Oosterling, aged 64 years and 5 months. Funeral notice hereafter.”

“ROWAN-At the residence of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. P.J. Rowan, 372 W. Adams-st., ROSELLE, aged 13 years and 7 months. Funeral Friday, at 10 o’clock, to St. Patrick’s church, thence by cars to Calvary.”

“SEEBA-Sept. 18, FRED, beloved husband of Lulu Seeba (nee Busch). Funeral Friday, Sept. 21, at 2 p.m., from his late residence, 83 Park-av., by carriages to Graceland cemetery.”

“WALSH-At her residence, 346 Henry-st., Mrs. ALICE WALSH (nee Bailey), wife of the late John Walsh. Notice of funeral hereafter.”

My transcription above is exactly as the notices appeared on pages 1, 2 and 8 of the September 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News with the exception of quotation marks at the beginning and end of each obituary. Abbreviations, capitalizations and references to people, places and things are indicative of the era in which this information was published. When possible, the deceased are also memorialized on Find A Grave.

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