Why You Need a Genealogy Success Team

2015 01-24 Success TeamNearly four years ago I asked the universe for a virtual Success Team.

The universe responded with something a little different than what I had in mind.

Something much better than I could have imagined.

Instead of the four-person team I envisioned, it’s just Jenny and me. And that is perfect.

We follow the first four items on my 2011 five-part criteria:

  1. Be committed. Once you join, you must attend 95% of meetings.
  2. Be prepared to share your accomplishments or lack thereof…
  3. Be receptive to suggestions and generous with suggestions for others.
  4. Be sensitive to the privacy of your team members.
  5. Be prepared, organized, brief, and focused during each meeting.

But we’re terrible about the fifth. And that too is perfect.

We meander through our family trees, our to-do lists, and our week’s recaps. We ponder and we brainstorm. We hoot and holler with laughter. We give each other support and encouragement and lots of grief. We sprinkle it all with family history substance and a little sassafras. 🙂

For almost four years we have met by phone for an hour (or more) nearly every Saturday morning.

My family tree has never looked better. And Jenny and I have become much more than Success Team partners.

We are friends.

Thank you universe.

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