Washington County Maryland 1877

1870 US Census MD Clark, Susan Hammer ShankAccording to the 1870 census, my third great-grandparents 40 year old shoemaker Morgan Clark and his 34 year old wife Susan have eight children.

The census taker also recorded the families living near the Clarks. It was interesting to read the list of names, but it was far more interesting to see the neighborhood in 1877, not long after the census was taken.

I was able to view Morgan and Susan’s neighborhood because of a project undertaken by Western Maryland’s Historical Library.

The Library’s vast collection includes one for Washington County. And among the treasures there, I found The Illustrated Atlas of Washington County, Maryland. I clicked on Town Maps and then Funkstown and Clear Spring.

And that’s where I found M[organ] H[enry] Clark and his family. They are on a corner in lot 768:

2015 03-15 Clark-Shank marriage 02

There is an index under the map listing all the names it includes. Matching the names on the index to the names on the map and in the 1870 census gave me another view of the world in which my ancestors lived.

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