The Mangels Marriage Mystery

1903 08-19 MC Mangels and GasperIs this “my” Frank Mangels? It is the only documentation I’ve uncovered that mentions the nickname Fred.

And Catholic? Hmm.

Frank’s stepfather, the man who raised Frank, was born in Germany and was very likely Lutheran.

As genealogical luck would have it, six weeks before their wedding Frank and Lucy had considered eloping to scenic St Joseph Michigan.

Apparently they changed their minds.

The Berrien County clerk didn’t do a very good job obtaining mother’s maiden names. Frank’s mother was Mary Bukmakowsky, a surname which would have immediately verified that the Frank in this record is most certainly mine. Thankfully the record book also asks prospective grooms for their occupations and for their father’s names.

1902 07-06 MR Mangels and GasparThere is a significant amount of documentation showing Frank’s stepfather Herman Mangels was a glass polisher. It’s a logical conclusion that Frank may have tried his hand at the same profession.

So as it turns out, the incomplete Berrien marriage register proves the couple named on the Chicago marriage certificate is the right couple.

Further research revealed Lucy was Catholic.

Mystery solved!

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