Norwood Park Home Cemetery

North Newark Avenue (aka the gravel road) in Saint Adalbert Catholic Cemetery in Niles does more than separate one section of the cemetery from another (St. Adalbert is also known as Old Bohemian Cemetery, Old Polish Cemetery and Saint Stanislaus Cemetery).

2015 05-01 Road to Norwood Home Cemtery

When we drove south on Newark, we stumbled upon Norwood Park Home Cemetery.

2015 05-01 Google Map to Norwood Home Cemtery

A tiny shaded area tucked away from the grandeur of it’s much larger neighbor, this cemetery is the final resting place of 390 deceased persons. At least 390 interments that have been memorialized on Find A Grave. It’s impossible to say how many people are actually buried here, as there are surely some without visible headstones.

2015 05-01 Norwood Home Cemetery by Gunny Obos

Because we needed to be in Andersonville at noon, we agreed to take only 10 pictures each. But that was hard to do when we saw neat things like this:DSC_1459

and this:



Harder still when we saw things like this:DSC_1481

and this:


So we ended up taking 78 photos before we left for lunch in Andersonville.

After lunch and a lovely visit with an old friend…well of course we had to visit more cemeteries on our must-see list!

Next up? Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum.

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