Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum

2015 05-03 Rosehill Cemetery

Entrance to Chicago’s Rosehill Cemetery

My maternal grandparents, John George Walton and Harriet Kathlyn (nee Tolf) Walton are buried at Rosehill.


And my maternal grandmother’s maternal grandparents Peter August Tolf and Augusta Sophia (nee Landstrom) Tolf are buried at Rosehill.


None of them are buried in the main cemetery. They are all in the separate section on the north side of West Peterson Avenue. Was this less expensive I wonder? Newer?

2015 05-03 Rosehill Cemetery Map

Looking at the map you might think that this section is small, but it’s actually rather large. Especially if you’re looking for a specific headstone.

Which, during our recent visit, we were.

Thankfully we had very specific information: Section 28, row 9, grave 78. And the sections are clearly marked:


We thought row 1 would be the one near the road, but it’s actually the one furthest from it, back there by the chain link fence. It didn’t take long to locate the headstone we were hoping to find, clean it up a bit, and take a picture. You can see that here.

But c’mon, we’re here, right? We may as well take a few more pictures. Or (as it turned out) 193 – but who’s counting?

Then we moved to section 21 to fulfill another Find A Grave photo request. I was just 41 pictures into this section when a van pulled up and the driver shouted to get my attention.

“I’m closing the gate ma’am,” he said. I thanked him for letting me know and he drove away toward another couple on the other side of the cemetery.

Husband and I walked back to the car and drove to the gate where the cemetery employee was waiting to lock up.

Disappointed, we reminded ourselves we still had one more cemetery on our must-see list.

But Bohemian National Cemetery was also closed for the day.

Thank goodness we took a wrong turn on our way back to the hotel. Because that’s how we found Elk Grove Cemetery.

6 thoughts on “Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum

  1. Hi Laura – the area of Rosehill where your relatives are buried is called the “Park Addition.” It opened in 1931. It was not cheaper but all tombstones were limited to the flush with the ground markers (which I hate because they are always sinking.) In later years an Islamic section was added, and more recently a section devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Unusual for a cemetery founded by Masons.


    • Thank you Jim ~ great information! Oh my gosh, I agree, those flat markers are the worst. I’m working on a post about that as we speak. My husband and I saw the Islamic section at Rosehill when we were there. We were reminded of an old Swedish cemetery (drab white headstones) in what is now an Asian neighborhood (shiny black headstones) in the Twin Cities. The ebb and flow of immigration.


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