Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6872

Such a tragedy!

2016 02-01 Death Certificate 6812

I’m not related to the Morgans, but I would like to solve the mystery of where this child was laid to rest.

Can you help reunite this baby with her family here or on Find A Grave?

Thank you for taking a minute or two to honor this short life.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Death Certificate 6872

  1. I thought perhaps it was SIDS until I saw the part about blood from the nostril. The female baby died on 3/18/1887 at 1 month and 7 days old, which would make her DOB 2/11/1887. There was a female Morgan baby born in Chicago on 2/6/1887 to Gilbert Morgan and Katherine nee Rausch. In those days, babies’ first names were usually not listed on the death cert. They also had a male child born 2/12/1886. Gilbert died in Chicago 12/10/1892 at the age of 27. He was a switchman for the railroad. He was buried at Oakwoods, where I was guessing the deceased infant probably was buried because of where the Morgans lived at 55 East 25th Street.


      • I love doing these – they’re like a treasure hunt. I did check the Tribune archives for any writeup on the death of Gilbert Morgan. He was a RR switchman so I thought there could have been a RR accident, but the papers didn’t have anything listed. I had an aunt that died young from meningitis and they talked about blood coming from her nostril, perhaps that’s what this poor baby had.


      • A love of solving mysteries is definitely a helpful trait for genealogists. This story turned out to be quite interesting – thank you again for your help!

        And stay tuned; I have a few more Mystery Mondays up my sleeve. 🙂


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