A Cemetery Paved with Good Intentions

It was a little disconcerting, but I was impressed.

While I was photographing headstones for Find A Grave at Riverside Cemetery in Black River Falls Wisconsin, I was being watched.

Not from afar, mind you.

The same pickup truck meandered through the very sections I was in at least a dozen times in two hours.

I didn’t feel threatened in any way. I felt I was being monitored.

This small town cemetery is very well maintained.

DSCF1611 watermarked

I think the person who was watching me was ensuring I did nothing to change that.

Flowers were on display at more than half the gravesites I visited in June of 2015.

The grass was neatly cut, trees were trimmed, and there was no litter anywhere.

They even went so far as to repair damaged headstones; a wonderful tribute to the community and it’s history.

But I have to admit I blanched when I saw this:

DSCF1909 watermarked

Because even the best intentions can result in irreparable damage.

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