Mrs. Martin Now Asks Divorce

From the March 20, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News, page 1:

“Mrs. Martin Now Asks Divorce.

Another Move in the Case Involving Dentist Davis.


Readers of the Daily News will remember the Martin divorce case, which agitated west side circles not long ago. Anson V. Martin filed a bill for divorce in the Circuit court, charging his wife, Annie L., with undue intimacy with Dr. Lyndall Lewellyn Davis, a well-known west side dentist.

To-day there was filed in the Superior court a bill for divorce by Annie L. Martin, charging her husband with deserting her November 20, 1890.

The story is that Mr. Martin still thinks a great deal of his wife and not wishing to air in courts the unpretty charges which he made against her in his bill will let her obtain a divorce on the grounds of desertion. Mrs. Martin asks the custody of their 4-year-old-girl. By a peculiar coincidence, the child’s first name is the same as the first name of Dr. Davis – Lyndall.”

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