Caught with the Goods

Are Fred Robinson, George Custer, George Budd or Justice Scully leaves on your family tree?

The articles below appeared on the front page of the June 15, 1894 issue of the Chicago Daily News,

Kenilworth Station Robbed.

Thieves stole $200 from the Kenilworth railway station on the Northwestern railroad this morning. The robbery was committed while Fred Robinson, the station agent, was working with the baggage for morning trains.

He locked the ticket-room and went outside to attend to his duties. The money was in a drawer in the ticket-room and was stored in a tin box. Robinson thinks a young man who had been hanging around the station is the thief.”

Caught with the Goods on Them.

George Custer and George Budd were before Justice Scully this morning, charged with burglary, and were held to the Criminal court in $500 bonds.

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