Catherine Brun; My 6th Great-Grandmother

Her son’s 22 Nov 1774 marriage record reads in part, “Christophe GROS fils majeur et légitime des défunts Nicolas GROS en son vivant laboureur de WIRMING et de Catherine BRUN…”

Which [in English] reads, “Christophe GROS legitimate son of age [of majority] of the late Nicolas GROS, plowman in Wirming when he was living, and of the late Catherine BRUN…”

This is how I first learned the name of my 6th great-grandmother. I’d like to know more about the late Catherine Brun.

On closer inspection, I realized I had incorrectly estimated Catherine’s date of birth on the pedigree chart posted here. If her son was at the age of majority [at least 21 years of age] in 1774, he would have been born in the 1750s. And Catherine would have been born at least 21 years before that, or the 1720s to 1730s.

I thought it might be easiest to start with her death and work my way back. Since there was a reference to Catherine’s husband having lived in Wirming [now Virming], I went to my favorite French web site to look for a record of her death there. No luck, there are no records online here for Virming or Wirming.

Hmm. Another look at the marriage record.

2016 01-23 MR Gros and Houpert

The marriage banns had been posted on three consecutive Sundays in the parish church of Léning and in the church of Wirming. Could the Léning records provide information about Catherine’s death?

I’m in luck, there are two parish books that cover the time period prior to 1774:

2016 01-23 Snip from Lening Archives

baptêmes, mariages, sépultures = baptisms, marriages, burials

I started at the 1773-1782 book. And then read the 1765-1772 book. No luck in either.

I tried Francaltroff, Grostenquin, Hellimer. I was feeling pretty discouraged.

Then a funny thing happened.

The Moselle Departmental web site was completely revamped!

Virming and Obrick, previously unmentioned, are now listed among the town names. Neither has records online – yet – but there is hope.

In the meantime, I may have to look for Catherine Brun the old fashioned way – at my local Family History Center:

2016 01-23 Surname Saturday; Brun 2

8 thoughts on “Catherine Brun; My 6th Great-Grandmother

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  3. Laura, your remark about the Moselle site being completely revamped had me checking it out. I found Metz has their own municipal archives and they are now online. Found my 3rd great-grandfather’s death record and will be checking on his 4 daughters birth records and the death record of one of them. I am so happy!


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